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Who is looking into your searches?

Article Written by : SEO Tips & Infos

Internet data mining is nothing new.  But when it comes to identifying economic trends, it may be a valuable tool.  Central banks in many countries including Federal Reserve (US), Britain, Italy, Spain, Turkey, Chile and Israel consider your searches on Google for certain things including home improvement items and appliances as economic indicators.  Central banks count keyword searches to gauge consumer demand in order to do economic forecasting.  They tally search volumes against broader economic trends.  Advantage of this information is it provides central banks with more immediate data on trends compared to traditional way of collecting data after several months.

Google has been collecting data on your searches for years.  Its 23 page report, Google Trends, published in April 2009 helped to recognize home and auto sales trends in the U.S.  A paper published in Israel identified how Google data helped the country to predict an economic slowdown.

Collecting data from searches and relying on the accuracy is not fool-proof because it doesn’t include the non-technology users such as the poor and the elderly.  However, as proved by a Spanish study, sectors such as travel may use data to more accurately identify trends and everyone can benefit from it.

Google’s Penguin update

This is a new Google algorithm update introduced on April 24, 2012 aimed at decreasing rankings of over-optimized websites that are stuffed with keywords and violate Google Webmaster Guidelines. This is commonly known as curtailing link spam. Google estimate that the update will affect less than 3.1 percent search queries. Before Penguin, Google used Panda to downgrade websites that produce a poor user experience. Google rumored to have come up with Penguin 1.1 which fixed some sites that were inadvertently affected by the earlier Penguin update.

Being on the top of Google search ranking is highly sort after result. Therefore, Web was quick to criticize the new Penguin update indicating it hurts small businesses. Also there were ample efforts to find Penguin recovery strategies. SEOMoz published a blog on showing how they recovered along with a graph showing a recovery time line back to pre-Penguin traffic levels. is reportedly one of the many sites hit by the Penguin update.

Penguin update also affected several travel sites. What all of them had in common are low quality sites with over-optimized anchor text. Unless they do some cleaning and reinvent their online marketing strategy, they may not recover soon from Penguin update.

Ways to increase prominence of your site

If you think that setting up a web site is enough to attract customers online, think again. You need to be on top of the search in order to get you promoted. Here are some ideas.

Hire a service: You can use pay-per-click service from a search engine to get you out front. Also, you can use a service provider such as Submit Express to keep you on the top.

Submit to as many search engines as possible: Since people are using many deferent search engines, you may want to submit your site to many search engines as possible.

Multiple web sites: Set up as many sites as possible using keywords. When people search, they use many deferent words. So, anticipate those and create many deferent sites as possible. You can obtain a service to find keywords for you.

Consider content: You need to get the attention of the visitor. Quality of your site is more important than the quantity of material displayed. Provide quality articles, graphics as well as other information in order to entice the visitor.

Constant maintenance: Update your site regularly. You need to provide repeated visitors with most current and accurate information.

Why Long Tail Keywords Will Work For Your Website

Article Provided by Pierre Zarokian of Submit Express

Ever wondered why the simple keywords that you use to optimize content for your website have never brought about the results that you have hoped for. The truth is that many people look for these general keywords and several of your competitors would have used these keywords as well.

So what do you do if you want more traffic to your site?

The answer lies in the term “long tail keywords”.  These are specific phrases that people look for.  If you offer a product that is close to the phrase keyword, then you can be sure that the people who visit your site will certainly be interested in what you offer.

But how do you find these specific keywords?

First, put yourself in the user’s shoes. Let us say that you are looking for a product or service.  The first thing that you will do is conduct a Google search by typing in a string of four or five words that are related to a specific product or service.

Since people do this very often with Google, you can be sure that you will be able to find the keywords that are most related to your product by using SEO paid software that will help you find the most common searches.

Another great way to find keywords related to your product is to ask people what they would search for in Google if they wanted to know something about your product.  In doing a bit of research on the concept of SEO, you will definitely find better results the next time around in using these long tail keywords.

We recommend using this free keyword research tool by Submit Express, which will provide you some good keyword suggestions as well keyword traffic data.