Monthly Archives: February 2012

Ways to increase prominence of your site

If you think that setting up a web site is enough to attract customers online, think again. You need to be on top of the search in order to get you promoted. Here are some ideas.

Hire a service: You can use pay-per-click service from a search engine to get you out front. Also, you can use a service provider such as Submit Express to keep you on the top.

Submit to as many search engines as possible: Since people are using many deferent search engines, you may want to submit your site to many search engines as possible.

Multiple web sites: Set up as many sites as possible using keywords. When people search, they use many deferent words. So, anticipate those and create many deferent sites as possible. You can obtain a service to find keywords for you.

Consider content: You need to get the attention of the visitor. Quality of your site is more important than the quantity of material displayed. Provide quality articles, graphics as well as other information in order to entice the visitor.

Constant maintenance: Update your site regularly. You need to provide repeated visitors with most current and accurate information.