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Top Strategies To Improve Email Marketing

If you’ve dabbled in the world of email marketing, then you’re aware of the challenges that you have to face when creating an email that actually yields consumer engagement. Even if you’re an amazing writer, you’re only fighting half the battle. There are numerous steps that you have to take and an abundance of marketing strategies that you need to integrate.

Nurture Your Campaigns

It’s a delicate process to say the least. For one, if you decide to skip the whole strategic planning part, you could end up being labeled as a “spammer”, which generally doesn’t end too well. People will then begin to disregard your emails and your reputation could take a tremendous hit for it.

This is why properly planning out your emails beforehand will start you off on the right foot.

Everyone is looking for ways to improve their emails so they can drive new customers into their business. And, everybody struggles at some point trying to get over the hump. You’re definitely not alone in this. Honestly, the best advice that can be offered here is to do what works and stopping whatever doesn’t. It sounds like common sense, but in fact there’s more to it.

Check Your Analytics

It’s there for a reason. By evaluating your performance data, you’ll get an idea of what people like. This is important because you can then incorporate your findings in the next campaign that you host.

Optimize Your Emails

Merge the strong keywords on your site into your emails. Popular keywords are essentially popular because a high volume of people search for them on a daily basis. This is an important aspect in marketing that should be considered.

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Common Causes of Email Bounces

Written by eTargetMedia.

When your business sends out an email campaign, you want to make sure that it gets to the intended recipients. Unfortunately, some emails will get “bounced” back to the sender as undeliverable. Some of these instances are simply because the email address is no longer valid — in this case, it makes sense to make sure you are using a validated email list from a direct marketing company such as eTarget Media. In other instances, the bounces will happen because of correctable errors.

Here’s a look at a few common reason why emails get bounced back and never reach their intended recipient:

Bad Domains: Because of a typo, the recipient’s domain in their email address is not entered in properly; for example, an email address of “” might accidentally be “” Make sure you check domain names as much as possible before sending an email.

Spam Content: Email servers can automatically reject incoming email messages if they detect content patterns consistent with spam emails. These triggers can include overuse of phrases such as “free” or “guarantee,” the use of multiple colors of text or multiple fonts within the same email, overuse of exclamation points and the aggressive use of calls to action.

Mailbox Issues: A person might want to receive your email but be unable to get it in their mailbox because of a problem on their end. This could be for several reasons including that their mailbox is full or that their email server is crashed. When you receive these types of bounces, you’ll want to resend the email in a few days to see if the user has resolved their email problems.

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Three Ways to Modify Your Email Subject Lines and Increase Open Rates

Written by eTargetMedia.

You can have a skillfully crafted and informative email campaign that potential customers would love to read, but if they’ll never know about it if they don’t open the email first. For this reason alone, it’s imperative for you to pay close attention to your email subject lines. They are the first thing that your customers will notice when they receive your email and the strength of the subject line will likely be the difference between an email being opened or marked for deletion.

So how can you improve your email subject lines to get more people to open your emails? Here are a few tips from leading email marketing firm eTargetMedia:

Straightforward subject lines often are the best. It’s easy to try and create a cute and very creative subject line that will capture the imagination — and attention — of your customers. However, it’s also possible to get so cute that you obscure the message. Whether or not you are using humor in your subject lines, make sure the point of the email is clear.

Numbers and lists attract attention. Just as with online content headlines, people are naturally interested in email subject lines that list the “10 Best…” or “Seven Ways to…” do something. They know that they will be getting information in short, easy-to-digest packets of information.

Include action verbs whenever possible. Directing action verb at people — instead of writing in a passive, third-person voice — can be incredibly powerful. You want people to do something after reading your email, so why not spell that out in the subject line?

eTargetMedia has 20 years of experience delivering online and offline targeted marketing services to clients ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies.

Email Marketing – Do I Really Need It?

Whether you need an email marketing software or not is up to you and the importance of your business. What you definitely need is to rely on this email marketing technique. A lot of people are cautious when it comes to the Internet. It has numerous good things and advantages, but it is also seen as an artificial and untrustworthy environment by many. The messaging system, however, is one of the safest and most serious parts of this field. These days, the Internet has managed to get everywhere, in everyone’s life. People can work online, get paid online, talk and see each other. Why wouldn’t they benefit from the Internet and advertise through it too? Besides, the Internet is slowly turning into the largest advertising environment. You see ads and banners everywhere. Your bulk folder is almost exploding. Why don’t you take advantage of all these?

Email marketing is for everybody. It is instant, therefore it is the fastest technology. It provides access to millions of addresses, way more than if you decide to share fliers around the city. It is secure, so you don’t have to worry about how safe the system is. Most importantly, it can reach people you cannot get in touch with otherwise, especially if you have a multinational company.

You might not see its benefits now, but once you purchase it, an email marketing software will make your life softer. You have newsletter templates, mailing lists, scripts and a wide variety of options you never even thought about.