Why Wireless Internet is Better than Wired Internet in Rural America

Most Internet users throughout the country are familiar with the most popular types of wired Internet providers on the market. From coaxial cable Internet to fiber-optic Internet, citizens in urban and suburban areas have had their pick of the best wired Internet options. However, this concept is foreign to most people living in highly remote and rural areas of the country.

Residents of rural communities have had to rely on more outdated wired Internet services such as dial-up Internet and DSL Internet because of the lack of mainstream broadband Internet companies doing business in rural areas. There are a few reasons why these companies don’t do business in rural communities, such as rural America’s lack of suitable infrastructure for high-speed broadband Internet access and the high-risk, low-profit nature of doing business in rural areas. Internet companies cannot make a profit from installing cable lines in rural areas because the cost of installing these lines is higher than the amount of money they would make from areas with low population density.

Instead, rural residents can find wireless options that are better than dial-up and DSL, such as unlimited satellite Internet from Starlink or unlimited 4G rural Internet from UbiFi. UbiFi, Starlink, and other wireless Internet companies are capable of providing high-speed Internet that performs better than the outdated specs of dial-up and DSL. In the case of satellite Internet, users can experience Internet service that can reach almost any place on the planet, as long as there are no major obstructions blocking signals from satellites. In the case of UbiFi and other mobile Internet companies, rural residents can get access to low-latency Internet service, which is the best Internet for rural gaming.

Understanding The Importance Of Web Hosting For Your Business

Are you debating whether or not to hire a professional web hosting company for your business? Below we go through a few reasons why hiring a professional will benefit your company in the long run.

Minimized Operating Costs

A web hosting service may initially appear to be pricey. In the long run, it is a far better and cheaper solution for your site.

Money and time are crucial for your business. You can spend less time and money by working with a reputable web hosting company. You will be paying professionals to look after your servers. In this manner, it is simpler to focus on the expansion of your firm.

Data Recovery

Data recovery is one of the most essential advantages of using a professional web host service. You must always maintain the security of your data with regular, current backups.

You could possibly ruin your reputation if you lose your data. Your data will be adequately backed-up if you work with a reputable web hosting business. When you need them, retrieving them is simpler.

SEO-related Opportunities

Free web hosting won’t give you many SEO-related options, making it challenging to rank in the top search engine results.

When you choose expert web hosting services, you have total control over your SEO strategies. You can create material depending on your preferences, then optimize it to ensure it will appear in search results for your desired and pertinent keywords.

Final Thoughts

It is vital to evaluate the web hosting company you select using the criteria mentioned above when looking for a reputable web hosting company. A Los Angeles data center named Electric Kitten is prepared to expand your company with expert web hosting services.

Why Running Your Own Server Room Is Not a Good Idea

Having a server room in your company has a lot of potential drawbacks. Below, we will look at why running your own server room will not benefit you and why you should hire professionals such as Electric Kitten, who offer server hosting Los Angeles.

Costly Exercise

Cooling, electricity, and space requirements for servers can quickly pile up. Without qualified experts on staff, it may also be challenging to resolve any issues that arise with the servers or networking hardware.

Security Risk

A server room may present a security concern, which is another drawback. Access to your network infrastructure could allow someone to steal or corrupt essential data. Additionally, having a lot of traffic goes through a single location increases the risk of DoS (Denial of Service) assaults on your company.

It Takes Up a Lot Of Space

The physical restrictions of a server room are another drawback. A limited number of servers can fit in a standard server room, which may not be sufficient for larger enterprises with high-volume data requirements. Additionally, if additional servers need to be installed later, extra room and cooling resources may need to be set aside, which is typically an expensive prospect and takes up more space than you initially thought.

The Bottom Line

Finally, because server rooms are frequently situated far from where employees perform, employees must travel farther to access their IT infrastructure. Because of this, every business must weigh the benefits and drawbacks of using a data center versus maintaining its own internal server infrastructure.

How to get 4G internet access while camping in the USA

Camping is a great way to get away from it all and enjoy some time in nature. However, if you’re used to having constant internet access, being without it for a few days can be a bit of a shock! Fortunately, there are now some ways to get online even while you’re out in the middle of nowhere. In this blog post, we’ll explore a few of your options and help you decide which rural internet service is right for you.

One option for getting internet while camping is to sign up unlimited satellite internet. This can be quite pricey, but might worth it if you’re going to be in a very remote location.

Another option is 4G LTE internet from UbiFi. This is cheaper and works off existing 4G towers. It also doesn’t require a long-term contract, so you can cancel at any time. Personally, we think UbiFi is the better option, but it depends on your specific needs.

LTE internet uses the same cell towers that your phone does. In other words, it piggybacks off of existing infrastructure to give you a fast and reliable connection. And because there are now LTE towers in most rural areas, you can get online even while camping in the middle of nowhere.

The speeds you’ll get with LTE internet are much faster than what you’d get with dial-up, and in some cases even comparable to cable speeds. This is more than enough for most people’s needs, especially if you’re just using the internet for things like email and social media.

Thanks to the advent of LTE internet, it’s now possible to get online even while camping in the middle of nowhere. UbiFi is a great option for those looking for a reliable and affordable rural internet service. And with speeds that are comparable to cable, you’ll be able to do everything you need online while on vacation.

Why Mobile Internet is Better for Rural Gaming Than Satellite Internet

Online gaming is one reason why residents of rural America may be looking for a good rural Internet service provider. What aspiring rural gamers should know is that many of the popular options for Internet for rural areas may not be suited for high-performance gaming sessions. Even the best satellite Internet service providers fall short in one important area: latency.

Latency or ping has been a source of frustration for many gamers around the world. Delays in transferring data can cause bothersome lag and time spikes that throw off your timing and ruin your online experience. Many players have lost online matches they could have won because of the disruptive qualities of latency. For this reason, gamers in rural America may have to choose an alternative to popular satellite Internet service providers such as Starlink.

One alternative that addresses the latency issue is mobile Internet providers such as UbiFi. Satellite Internet providers’ services have high levels of latency because their Internet signals have to travel from satellites in outer space to the homes of gamers in rural America. Because cell towers are closer to rural homes than satellites in orbit, the distance that Internet signals travel is much smaller, which creates less of a delay. UbiFi specifically boasts latencies of less than 75ms on average, which makes its service ideal for online multiplayer games.

Furthermore, UbiFi’s MoFi routers offer users playing on consoles the option to subscribe to MoFi’s Cloudlink service if they have any issues connecting to mobile Internet using their consoles. Be sure to take these advantages into account as you choose the right Internet provider for your gaming needs.

What is the difference between a web developer and web designer?

Blog provided by Electric Kitten

Web developers and web designers are term people tend to use interchangeably, but they represent two completely different disciplines. You could argue that at some point in the past, web development and web design were the same thing. Many websites were developed by teams of web developers. But a lot has changed, so what is the difference now?

The key difference is this: Web developers use languages like JavaScript to write applications that run on the web. Web designers create the look and feel of those applications. You could take it a step further and say that although both disciplines would use JavaScript, one does so for program logic, while the other uses it for aesthetics. Web development is function, and web design is form.

In terms of skillsets, both need to know HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Designers will need to take that a step further have skillsets in design applications. Developers will use one or more frameworks like React, Vue, in addition to authentication for use with a back-end. Every team needs web developers and web designers.

It is important to note that while a web designer could switch to web development, the reverse is not always true. Design is an artistic discipline that is not something you can learn in a short period. Some things like user experience and user interfaces can be learnt, but a true designer is someone with a passion for it with the creativity to match.

If you need an LA colocation or dedicated server provider you can trust, contact Electric Kitten today. They’ve provided reliable web hosting services for almost two decades. If you are located in the Southern California area, give them a call at 877-821-HOST or email them at sales@electrickitten.com.

How dedicated hosting is an easy solution for SEO issues

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Local businesses must contend with the challenges of broadcasting their web content to potential customers. For many companies, this involves using SEO tactics to reach the top of local search engine rankings. SEO can be a highly competitive field because of the many factors that affect how high Google ranks a website. One significant factor that affects SEO is website loading speed.

A decade ago, Google announced that its algorithm would consider website loading speed as a ranking factor for desktop searches. A few years ago, they had announced that this would be true of mobile Google searches as well. This is because according to their statistics, most users click away from a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.

When it comes to SEO, you need every edge you can get. A dedicated web hosting server will supercharge your site’s loading speed and uptime. On a shared hosting server, you will have limited access to server resources because of the many different clients who are sharing the server with you. Larger and more complex sites require higher amounts of bandwidth, which can run out quickly on shared servers. Site loading speeds slow down significantly when websites run out of bandwidth. On a dedicated server, you are the only client. All of the server’s resources are dedicated to your needs. As a result, all websites run more smoothly and efficiently.

Furthermore, the distance of your server to your potential customers can also affect website loading speeds. If your server is close to your customers, website signals will travel more efficiently. If you need server hosting in Los Angeles, contact Electric Kitten today for reliable dedicated hosting.

Three Proven Ways to Reduce Website Bounce Rates

You must not neglect the importance of bounce rate as it is one of the key metrics of digital marketing for a website. Google defines bounce rate as – the percentage of single-page visits to the total website visits. In simple words, visitors opt out just after viewing one page of your website.

The bounce rate plays an important role in ranking of a site and in getting increased ROI. But if your bounce rate is higher than it should be, then your website would be among the under-performing ones. Here are some tips from Rack Alley on bringing your bounce rate down:

Reduce Page Load Time

Reduce the time it takes for the page to load by hosting your servers at a fast data centers. If you already own the infrastructure, then consider switching to Los Angeles colocation for fast load times.

Make Site Search Easy

Often, people do not realize how often visitors use the search function of a website. Make the process easy and friction-less and give the visitor a reason to stay on your site longer. Google allows you to embed a site-search widget on your site.

Easy Navigation

Another factor that a lot of webmasters miss the is the importance of proper site navigation. All it takes is a confusing menu structure, and the visitor will give up. The proper navigation is even more important for mobile visitors, who must contend with it on a smaller screen.

How quickly your website loads matters for several reasons, here is why:

The average website has several areas that require maintenance. The backend like WordPress. Keywords, content, descriptions, and links for search engines and overall user experience. However, recently the speed at which a site loads has taken prominence. According to Rack Allery, here are some of the reasons why:


The most important reason is because Google made site load speed a ranking factor. Although it is only one of several hundred ranking factors, when two equally competitive sites are competing for the top spot on a page, it can make all the difference. Site load speed was always important; it just took Google to bring it to prominence.


Most websites are responsive and viewable on a range of devices, from smartphones to desktop computers. From the smallest screen to large widescreen displays. According to recent statistics, the majority of website traffic now comes from mobile devices with small screens. Slow loading websites are especially frustrating when you are on the go and need information fast.

User experience

Even if you have all your bases covered in terms of user experience, a website that takes longer than a minute to load is likely experience a lot of traffic loss. Often, a slow loading website also has implications for the reputation of the organization.

One of the ways to improve your website performance is to host your website as close to your target market as possible. For example: Los Angeles colocation will provide the LA area with low-latency high-speed access to the website.

How to Optimize a Youtube Video

If you want your videos to get more views and your website to get more traffic, then you might be wondering how to optimize your YouTube videos so that they will get the best possible rank. This advice from a digital marketing agency will help you reach your goal.


Taking a look at the title of your video is a great place to start when your goal is to optimize your YouTube videos. Many people overlook this step, and their videos don’t enjoy a spot on the first page of the search results. The keyword that you want to target must appear in the title, preferably toward the beginning, if you want to get the most from your efforts.


Never leave the description of your video blank if you want it to show up on the first page of Google. Although you must include a compelling description that will inspire people to watch your video, don’t forget to include your keyword. No matter how tempting, avoid using a short description because using more words increases your odds of success, and if you are not sure how to write an effective video description, then a digital marketing company can take the lead on this.


YouTube will try to translate the audio from your video into a transcript, and the text will be used for closed captioning and to help Google determine the topic that your video covers. To increase your odds of ranking, always use your keyword several times in each of your videos. If you are doing digital marketing in Los Angeles, including the name of your city will help you get local traffic.

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