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Web Design Fundamentals

Article Submitted by Tony Petros of

Today’s websites are all about flash and graphics and colors. I can remember when I started using the internet; websites were simple and easy to use. But there are some web design fundamentals that apply to all websites today as they did back then.

Simple and easy to use websites do not necessarily apply to all websites. Gamers want websites that have Flash and state of the art graphics. But a shopping website does not need all that flash and color. So the first rule of thumb is to know who is using your website. That way you can tailor your site to meet the desires and needs of your website visitors.

An important thing to remember is to keep in mind is what type of computer your visitors are using. Not every customer is going to have a broadband connection. There are some people who still have dial-up connections. Some either cannot afford anything else but dial up or they live out in the country where that is all they can get for an internet connection. So if you have a site loaded with Flash and graphics, dial up users will not be able to view your site.

Your site also needs to be compatible with the various browsers. Many web designers these days create their website for Windows and Internet Explorer browsers. Not really a smart move on their part since there is many others out there using various other browsers such as Opera, Mozilla, Linux and so many others.