How dedicated hosting is an easy solution for SEO issues

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Local businesses must contend with the challenges of broadcasting their web content to potential customers. For many companies, this involves using SEO tactics to reach the top of local search engine rankings. SEO can be a highly competitive field because of the many factors that affect how high Google ranks a website. One significant factor that affects SEO is website loading speed.

A decade ago, Google announced that its algorithm would consider website loading speed as a ranking factor for desktop searches. A few years ago, they had announced that this would be true of mobile Google searches as well. This is because according to their statistics, most users click away from a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.

When it comes to SEO, you need every edge you can get. A dedicated web hosting server will supercharge your site’s loading speed and uptime. On a shared hosting server, you will have limited access to server resources because of the many different clients who are sharing the server with you. Larger and more complex sites require higher amounts of bandwidth, which can run out quickly on shared servers. Site loading speeds slow down significantly when websites run out of bandwidth. On a dedicated server, you are the only client. All of the server’s resources are dedicated to your needs. As a result, all websites run more smoothly and efficiently.

Furthermore, the distance of your server to your potential customers can also affect website loading speeds. If your server is close to your customers, website signals will travel more efficiently. If you need server hosting in Los Angeles, contact Electric Kitten today for reliable dedicated hosting.