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How much advertising to use to keep your ranking high

Article Written by : Web Geek SEO
We know Google Panda algorithm uses advertising as one of its criteria to separate quality content from others. Advertising also can hinder your reader experience, clutter your visual outlook, slows down page loading speed, and frustrate users. A healthy amount of advertising is needed to generate revenue and to promote the site. What will be the healthy advertising ratio that will not compromise Google ranking and turn away users?

First of all, few ads that generate the same amount of revenue are better than more ads that generate the same amount of revenue. In other words three sponsors at $10,000 each are better than 20 ads at $500 each. This is true even if you don’t use ads but your content contains more key words.

Use what Google use to rank their ads to your advantage. Google’s highest ranked ads appear on the top of the page with a colored background while side ads do not carry any colored background. Top ads also include an extension. Google use its Ad Rank and Quality Score to decide which ads qualify for top advertising. Ads have a high relevancy and use right key words. Use these as your guidelines for choosing and placing ads on your site.